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Ministers without Portfolio

Minister for the Relations with the Parliament
Federico D’Incà
Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition
Vittorio Colao
Minister for Public Administration
Renato Brunetta
Minister for Regional Affairs and Local Authorities
Mariastella Gelmini
Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion
Maria Rosaria Carfagna
Minister for Youth policies
Fabiana Dadone
Minister for Family and equal Opportunities 
Elena Bonetti
Minister for disabilities
Erika Stefani
Coordinamento di iniziative nel settore del turismo 
Massimo Garavaglia 


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Luigi Di Maio 
Ministry of the Interior
Luciana Lamorgese
Ministry of Justice
Marta Cartabia
Ministry of Defense
Lorenzo Guerini
Ministry of Economy and Finance
Daniele Franco
Ministry of Economic Development
Giancarlo Giorgetti
Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forest policies
Stefano Patuanelli
Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea Protection
Roberto Cingolani
Ministry  of Infrastructure and Transport  
Enrico Giovannini
Ministry of Labour and Social Policies
Andrea Orlando
Ministry of Education
Patrizio Bianchi
Ministry of University and Research
Maria Cristina Messa
Ministry of Cultural Heritage and activities and Tourism
Dario Franceschini
Ministry of Health
Roberto Speranza
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